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Jan 2, 2013
Best Design Tips for Your Modern Bedroom

To provide a modern and trendy look to your old bedroom you have to decide some renovating tips of home decorating. Here we will discuss with you some user-friendly tips and ideas which help you to bring the modernity, trendy and fashionable look to your bedroom. These outstanding design tips will truly help you to enhance the beauty of the bedroom and provide it a forever modern look.

Your first step will begin from the room’s wall painting. The simple way to add the modernity is bring some variations of a particular shade on separate walls of the room, such as the shade of brown or various hues of bisque. You should try painting the wall behind your bed in the darkest shade of the color that you have preferred and go with lighter shades for the other three walls of the bedroom. Besides for a one particular wall you may also apply the paint two shades of a one color. Painting with different wall colors in a room creates the room look elegant and you will get different good opinion from your friends and family members.

Now the coming subject is furnishing the bedroom. Bring modern design rugs, some fabrics and mats for the room which are simple in appear and design. Do not opt for loud, fancier, old patterns and designs. Today, most of the people prefer geometrical and zig-zag patterns. So go with contemporary designs that will go and mix well with geometrical patterns.

Afterward you must bring some relaxing furniture pieces for the bedroom. This furniture will must include a bed, nightstand, an armoire, a small table, etc. They must be new or paint them with a new coat of paint. Our modern era prefers dark colored furniture pieces for their bedroom.

Next you should consider regarding a perfect designer bedding. A proper duvet bedding set is the perfect bedding for your bedroom; it must include bed duvet covers, decorative throw pillows and cushions, etc. To give a romantic look to the whole bedroom you need to buy red duvet cover or bedding blankets with other bedding accessories. Today, online stores are the best option to buy your favorite bedding without any hassle. Buy carefully the designer bedding for the bedroom.

Behind the selection of the wall colors, furnishing, furniture and bedding for your modern bedroom, now you need to bring some designer accessories that add an extra touch of decorating and fashion to your bedroom. Don't go with overloaded decor accessories for the bedroom. A long-lined glass vase with flowers of single buds is truly nice; choose some dramatic accents and florescence for your bedroom. Moreover, you may bring some wall artwork for the bedroom wall, you must use it for a particular wall, do not add to the every wall of the bedroom.

If you follow the above great tips you will able to create easily an attractive and modern bedroom in your house and you will get full satisfaction from a comfortable night sleep. Wish you a very happy interior decorating.

Posted at 01:08 pm by georgeart
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Apr 22, 2012
Great Interior Design Tips for Modern Bedroom Design

It is so common that everyone wants to redesign or make their bedrooms by adding some design of modern looks; it is not too surprising for you. You would have already found many contemporary bedroom decorating ideas on TV, magazines as well as the internet. Of course, you may also find to duplicating the bedroom plan exactly as any of the ideas that you have seen. In spite of following the ideas you have seen it will be difficult for you to achieve the same. Your achievement in this case is not exactly what you wished. From certain decorating ideas you will surely be able to complete your contemporary bedroom with a wonderful look.

Another thing you must follow is eclecticism. If you are eclectic mix up various ideas and you will get a suitable idea for decorating your bedroom. The freedom of choosing whatever ideas will confuse you to select the best one from the ideas which you are stuck to. The eclectic themes will endow you the freedom to prefer only those things, which you feel will look first-class to your bedroom after gathering all bedroom decorating ideas.

You can as easily maintain the modern themed bedroom as you build up them. Suppose you want to give your bedroom a sporty look. If this is the case, there are many departmental stores available in your locality, as well as online stores which offer you a variety of well designed decor for adding a sporty look to your bedroom the similar applies even for people, who are looking to add a musical touch or theater touch to their own bedroom.

The color of the walls in a bedroom is as important as the other items of home decor. The selection of paint colors depends on the size of the room. If you are eager to have your room looks bigger in size then used lighter sunglasses. A big room provides you the opportunity to play with lots of bold, bright colors for example red, orange and fluorescent green. If the size of the room is small then don't worry, you have to paint one wall with one of these contrasting colors and choose light color for the rest. Different painting themes are available such as geometrical shapes, polka dots, stripes, etc. which are a great consideration for your wall painting.

Decorative bedding are available in a wide range of ideas. This decorative bedding will perfectly match your mood with any season. Good decorative bedding items enable them by composing their own unique sense of bedding style. If you want to brighten up and beautify your bedroom then you must opt for good bedding accessories. Although it is too expensive you can bring a laced sheet with intricate floral or geometrical patterns which will provide your bed a graceful, clean and crunchy look. If you want to decorate your bed without overshooting your budget then you must go for bedding ensembles like colorful duvet covers including designer cushions, pillows, etc. which are available in beautiful colors and romantic designs such as stylish roses and hearts in deep red or burgundy. This is the time you need to select a perfect designer bedding set with a perfect colors and pattern. Moreover you may bring satin or silk duvets to give more romantic and comfy looks to your bed.

You can search on internet or search engine to get valuable bedroom decorating ideas and visit to the local departmental store or online store to acquire the all bedding products such as designer comforter, bedding blankets what you need for your bedroom. Your dream bedroom must come true if you have the great design plan.  Happy decorating!

Posted at 08:48 am by georgeart
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